Cashmere Jelly Soap


Cashmere Jelly Soap

from 5.50

Our Jelly Soaps are wonderfully and uniquely created just for fun in the bath!   You can smoosh and press these balls into a loofah for instant lather and WE do mean insane soap bubbles!  You cant help but laugh and enjoy shower time!  

Our small and medium size jelly soaps are fabulous in the shower and we encourage the large jelly ball for bath time and soaking in the tub! If you just want to pull them apart to use on several occasions or just want to sit in lather heaven using the whole ball, these are amazing!  

We are offering small and medium  jelly soap balls in a 6 pack and the large jelly soap ball is only offered in a single unit.

Small jelly ball soap  0.55 oz  average weight per individual soap ball.

Medium jelly ball soap  1.7 oz  average weight per individual soap ball.

Large jelly ball soap  4.4 oz average weight per individual soap ball.


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