Our Story

When my father passed away in 2014, I was introduced to a whole new set of rules to life for my mother.  She introduced me to several of her friends and  I started to listen to stories about issues that widows and retired seniors were having to make big decisions about, from  general repair work on appliances to having to re-gift presents for their grandchildren because they could barely make it through the winter on a fixed income and very high monthly prescription bills.

These blessed women never want to be a burden on their family so they don't ask for help.  When a stove goes out, they use the microwave.  When the washer and/or dryer breaks, they travel to the laundromat to  wash clothes.   I even have seen these beautiful ladies live such solitary lives that no one really knows what they are going through, even their family members have no notion.

My daughter, Brianna and I wanted to be able to create this company, so we will be able to hire these fabulous ladies with so many stories and so much experience. They will not have to dedicate many hours like a part time or full time job, because sometimes their health does not allow them but they will be able to make some extra income on projects that come into the shop.  

These jobs will create a purpose for them to leave their house.  

These jobs will create income for them to pay for repair work in their house, for extra living expenses, or simply buy gifts for Christmas.

These jobs will allow them to create a bond of friendship with women in similar situations.

I wanted to create a product that everyone will love to have, love to give, and know they have something so special from women of worth.

This is why I formed E & B SoapCrafters. We want to create elegant handcrafted soap with a purpose.

With all our Love, we thank you with all of our hearts.

Erica & Brianna